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There are quite a few businesses that allow this software on their machines.  I would HIGHLY advise Itunes be removed from ALL company pc’s immediately and never be allowed to return. Just read this excerpt: The whole iTunes Match and Apple Music thing is confusing. Apple says they are “independent but complementary,” and, on first … Read more

I have never run Windows 8 and I often cite the horrid interface as the main reason.  There’s another reason as well.  The forced integration with leads to severe security issues as noted in this article.  I do not know if this forced integration is present inside Windows 10 as well.  I am researching … Read more

The results from the survey showed that smaller companies are only about half as likely as larger firms to test their own data security, to hire new data security staff or to require data security training for employees.“This is not just the U.S.,” Graham added.  “In fact, 85 percent of companies around the world say … Read more

The online attack service launched late last year by the same criminals who knocked Sony and Microsoft’s gaming networks offline over the holidays is powered mostly by thousands of hacked home Internet routers, has discovered.  Just days after the attacks on Sony and Microsoft, a group of young hoodlums calling themselves the Lizard Squad took responsibility for … Read more

If you router is vulnerable to this outsiders can easily take control of hte router and use it to jump into your network.  These devices have been coming under increasingly attacks due to their poor security models and the lack of security updates by the route manufacturers.  I’ve begun recommending not using these types of … Read more

I am not trying to spread the “stranger danger” fear-mongering here.  If you are a parent, grandparent or any other kind of close relative please read the linked article at the bottom of this post.  I have been following this since it began.  More details are becoming known.  I’m not doing the blame the victim game … Read more

Microsoft has disclosed a potentially catastrophic vulnerability in virtually all versions of Windows. People operating Windows systems, particularly those who run websites, should immediately install a patch Microsoft released Tuesday morning. The vulnerability resides in the Microsoft secure channel (schannel) security component that implements the secure sockets layer and transport layer security (TLS) protocols, according … Read more